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From strength to strength.

Regional Australia is currently enjoying a strong period of growth, but much work needs to be done to ensure this continues into the future. The federal election is your chance to influence the road ahead for regional Australia and ensure the regions and the people living and working in them enjoy the best outcomes possible.

The issues that matter

The National Farmers’ Federation has identified 5 priority areas that need to be addressed to ensure stronger regions for all Australians.

A strong focus on these key priorities will help to ensure that Australia’s regions and the people living within them continue to thrive for many years to come.

Key priorities for regional Australia

The NFF has identified these 5 key areas as major areas of focus at the upcoming election.

Plan for Smarter Regional Growth

Plan for Smarter Regional Growth

Establish 20 Regional Development Precincts to plan for sustainable growth, supported by $4.1 billion for precincts and freight supply chains.

Partner for a Healthier Environment

Partner for a Healthier Environment

Create a $2 billion fund to reward land managers who improve the 
health of their landscape.

Connect Every Australian

Connect Every Australian

Establish a $5 billion Rural Telecommunications Fund to improve connectivity for remote Australians.

Secure Australia’s Farm Workforce

Secure Australia’s Farm Workforce

Fast track Ag Visa discussions with 10 partner nations and attract and train more Australian workers.

Give Farmers a Fair Go

Give Farmers a Fair Go

Reform Australia’s competition laws to protect farmers from unfair practices.

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